Citizen and Community Crime Reporting

An anonymous and immediate crime mapped report will be made if you use this service. Please read our terms of service

If you have suffered or witnessed street crime, use our online crime reporting service to immediately inform other citizens about the potentials harms in their area.
You will be provided an instant crime reference number if you make a crime report on this site.
Type the street and town, or postcode near where the incident occurred then press GO! to zoom to the area. Click on the road map to place the blue Marker Warden on the street location nearest the incident. The Marker Warden can be dragged to alter his position and will automatically enter the map coordinates into your report.

When you have identified the incident location using the Marker Warden, complete the rest of the reporting form to make your instant and anonymous report.
1. Enter Address or Postcode then press GO! to Zoom to Location:
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2: CLICK once with your mouse on the Street Map
to place

on incident location
Current position:
No Marker Warden...
Closest matching address:
Click on map and drag the Marker Warden to right position.

once Marker Warden positioned, continue filling out the crime report form below
3. Crime or Incident:

4. Suspected Motive or Link

5. Any Weapon Involved?:
6. Date of Crime or Incident:
    Approx Time:
7. Venue or Place name: (limited to 80 characters)

8. Place Type:
9. Was the victim : Male or Female

10. Short Comment: (limited to 280 characters)

11. Picture Upload: (max size 30kb)

Answers to the following are not made public

12. Reported to Police?
13. Are you:

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